Our school and teachers’ primary priority is making sure your baby is healthy, safe, happy, and loved. Between floor time, tummy time, swings, and bouncers for the younger infants, and climbing areas, tunnels, crafts, and dramatic play for the older infants, your child will always be busy and engaged.


There is a refrigerator in our infant rooms so food and bottles can be kept chilled and then reheated in a bottle warmer as necessary. Each child has his or her own sleeping area and older infants are cot trained before being moved to our toddler rooms. A warm setting has been specially designed to help your child feel safe and secure while providing freedom of movement and gentle stimulation of the senses. We have comfortable seating and dim lighting for nursing/breastfeeding mothers. All equipment and toys are sanitized several times a week.


To learn more about our Infant program, contact us and schedule a tour!

Infant Schedule

  • Our younger infants (6 weeks to walking) are put on a schedule based on your individual preferences. We ensure that your children make a smooth transition from being home with you to being with their primary caregiver at school.

  • Our older infants (walking to 18 months) are slowly transitioned to a one-nap schedule before moving over to our toddler rooms. Between meals, crafts, sensory activities, music, and play, our older infants are always busy and engaged.

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