Mindfulness and Yoga



With the growing stress and anxiety today’s children are facing, we want to ensure that our students have the necessary skills to help them tackle the struggles they might face as they grow up, as well as expand their understanding of the world around them. This is why we are planting the seeds of mindfulness within our students as young as eighteen months! Using the MindUP! curriculum, our K-Prep students become aware of their brains and all of the amazing things it can do, like make smart choices, notice a friend’s emotions, and focus on learning new things. Our younger classes, using an adapted version of the same curriculum, are taught that their brains are in our heads to help us learn and gain a foundation of mindfulness in everything they do.

To learn more about the MindUP! Curriculum, visit their website.



All of our classes, from our toddlers to our K-Prep friends, love doing yoga! Yoga helps our children develop body awareness, build a positive self-image, increase concentration, and manage stress through breathing and healthy movement.